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Shipping - How To Get Here



Ferryboats from Europe and elsewhere call at Patra (472km*), Piraeus (510*), and Igoumenitsa (321km*) - * distances to Thessaloniki. On occasion of previous Championships, a 30% discount on ferry tickets was provided to the competitors.

For those planning to travel through Serbia, they will probably need an ATA CARNET Our previous experience was that there were problems crossing North Macedonia with a trailer and an alternative route could be through Boulgaria.



map Hungary to Thessaloniki through Serbia map Hungary to Sofia to Thessaloniki


Macedonia Airport is located approximately 8 km from the Nautical Club and access is easy by car, bus or taxi.Bus Line 78 starts from Macedonia airport and makes a. stop at the A.S. IKEA bus station where you can find connections with many other major bus lines. There is a bus line that stopsexactly outside of our premises. Ticket price: 2 € There is a taxi stop at the airport. Taxis are used frequently and usually easily found either by telephone or on the street. Current fare from the airport to our facilities will cost around 15 euro.
There will be a transport service for teams arriving by air. The team will be picked up in appropriate vans with the cost of Euros 20 / person.


The railway station is about 30 minutes distance from the club near the center of Thessaloniki.


Greece is part of the European Union, therefore visitors within Europe do not need any additional permits. For visitors outside the EU make sure you have all appropriate documentation.
Invitation letters and assistance to obtain VISAs will be provided